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Project Description

Ever dreamed about having one framework to write UI independently of your targetted client ? Now your dream has come true !

With this project, you have the ability to write XAML, and your application will be built depending on you project type. Soon, I'll add the requirements to the documentation to help you building your first UIT project.


See the .Sample projects to understand what you can do with this framework.


Update : Since Silverlight tens to disappear to be replaced by winRT, Silverlight support will be removed, as well as WP7 support.

  • v0.1a : Handling ASP.NET, WPF
  • v0.2 : Add support for unit tests
  • v0.3 : Add support to winRT
  • v1.0 : all controls renderers created for each platform
  • v1.1 : add support to monotouch
  • v1.2 : add support to monodroid


The Ms-Pl license is for non-commercial use.
If you want to use this product for commercial use, please contact me se we can discuss about it.

If you like this project, please donate.

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